Please find the curriculum for the incoming class of MSBA students below. For the Fall 2021 MSBA Class, please refer to the curriculum page here.

The MSBA program is a three-semester STEM program which can be completed in a single calendar year. The Program is in partnership with two Columbia Business School divisions: (1) Decision, Risk and Operations (DRO) and (2) Marketing. Students enter in the Fall term and can finish as soon as the following August, or engage in a summer internship to complete the program by the end of the following Fall.  Students are required to take the equivalent of 12 three-credit courses (36 credits), in the following areas:

  •  a minimum of 18 credits (typically 6 courses) within Columbia Engineering, IEOR Department
  •  a minimum 12 credits (typically 4-6 courses) within the Columbia Business School
  •  and the remaining courses (if any) can be taken from Columbia’s other graduate schools including: the School of International and Public Affairs, the Law School, or Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

A program plan will be available for students to use to plan their studies. This program plan will be used to facilitate a dialogue with your designated faculty advisor. For more course information, students can check out the IEOR course listing.

Program Plan

Core - 12 credits

*Students are expected to be proficient in Python when starting the MSBA program.

Note: IEOR E4650 Business Analytics is counted as IEOR credits.

Core - 6 credits

The MSBA program requires that students take a minimum of 12 CBS and 18 IEOR credits to graduate and students should plan their electives accordingly

Students may satisfy the 12 credits of CBS from our pre-approved list of courses that from other CBS Divisions.  Note that only select CBS courses may be available for ranking and add/drop each term from Course Match.

+ 1 Business School Elective (with course code: DROM or MRKT)

+ Remaining Electives

Students may complete 1 or 2 concentrations to fulfill the remaining credits for the degree. Students may select courses within other concentrations and the breadth elective list.

Select (1) of the following (4) concentrations:

*Students may take MRKT B8602 or MRKT B9656, but not both.

*Students may take MRKT B8602 or MRKT B9656, but not both.