Eva Ascarza

Eva Ascarza is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Columbia Business School. She is a marketing modeler who uses tools from statistics and economics to answer relevant marketing questions. Her main research areas are customer analytics and customer retention in the context of subscription businesses. She specializes in understanding and predicting changes in customer behavior, such as customer retention, usage, and e-mail engagement. She uses field experimentation (e.g., A/B testing) as well as econometric modeling and machine learning tools not only to understand and predict patterns of behavior, but also to optimize the impact of firms’ interventions.

Her research has appeared in leading marketing journals including Marketing Science and Journal of Marketing Research. She received her PhD and MPhil from London Business School (UK), a MS in Economics and Finance from Universidad de Navarra (Spain), and a B.S. Mathematics from Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain). Before joining Columbia Business School in 2010, she was a visiting lecturer at London Business School where she taught Advanced Multivariate Statistics and Analysis for Marketing Planning. At Columbia Business School, Professor Ascarza teaches strategic marketing in the Executive MBA program.